The one-day seminar “For safe transport of dangerous goods – news in ADR 2019, classification, dangerous cargo, hazardous waste, transport and handling ” was held on 5th April, 2019 in in the pleasant atmosphere of the Stadion Event Center, organized by the Transport and Logistics Managers Association TransportLog. The support was provided by Intico d.o.o.

The seminar was attended by advisers for the transport of dangerous goods, as well as representatives of companies, organizations and institutions that encounter hazardous cargo and hazardous waste in the process of production, use, transportation, manipulation, handling and disposal.

Due to the obligatory application of amendments to the European Agreement on the International Transport of Dangerous Goods in Road Traffic ADR 2019, which begins on July 1, 2019, there was a need for organizing this Seminar. Lectures were presented by eminent experts, highly educated people with great experience in this field.

The first block of lectures were presented by the representatives of Trigon Engineering, who have many years of experience in this field, mr Ljubomir Petrović, Duško Vujanović and Jovana Jankovic. They introduced participants to the news in ADR 2019, as well as who are participants in the transport of dangerous goods and what are their obligations, what are the ways of marking of a piece of cargo in accordance with ADR and marking and marking of vehicles in accordance with ADR. They also explained in detail the application of the exemptions from certain ADR provisions. The role of the Safety Advisor in the Transport of Dangerous Goods was explained, as well as the documents for the transport of dangerous goods, empty wrapping materials and vehicles.

Doc. Dr. Mihael Bučko from the Military Defense Engineering Department of the University of Defense, Military Academy, in the second block presented in a detailed and picturesque manner the classification of dangerous substances in transport, that are not mentioned by name in the list of dangerous substances, in table “A” and table “B” , chapter 3.2 of the ADR, as well as the classification of substances that are hazardous to the environment or the aquatic environment in accordance with ADR.

Jelena Tesla, as a representative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection – Department for issuing waste management permits, introduced participants with legal frameworks pertaining to permits for the transport of dangerous and non-hazardous waste. She also explained what the difference between hazardous and non-hazardous waste is, which are the obligations of companies that carry out transport of waste. It is also explained who issues licenses for the transportation of waste in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, which documents are necessary for issuing licenses, and to whom the licenses for the transport of waste are hand out.

Momčilo Manojlović, Advisor for the Transport of Hazardous Waste, Association TransportLog, gave a lecture on the choice of the method of transport of waste. He analyzed the Waste Report in detail and presented the steps in choosing ways of packaging and transport. The transport of the waste device with hazard characteristics is also shown. All these topics are presented through practical examples, i.e. concrete examples from practice.

The last lecture was delivered by a guest from Macedonia, Vladimir Arsov, MA, from Balkan Metering Solutions, Skopje. He explained the good sides of timely control of key points according to ADR regulations for oil and petroleum products operators, as well as the importance of applying sophisticated measurement and GPS devices for the protection of cargo space and reservoirs.

Participants in the seminars participated in the discussions in progress, and after each presentation, many doubts were also solved at the seminar

We hope that by organizing the Seminar on this topic, processes of using, transporting, manipulating, handling and disposing of hazardous substances in Serbia will be brought to a higher level.

We thank the participants for the cooperation so far and we hope that it will continue successfully next year at a new seminar, with new interesting topics in ADR.