Seminar “New emerging obligations for drivers and carriers in transport for their own needs to the law of working time drivers and crew in road transport and tachographs” was held on 7th June, 2019 in Belgrade, Stadion Event Center, organized by the Transport and Logistics Managers Association TransportLog. The support was provided by Intico d.o.o.

The seminar was attended by managers of companies dealing with plumbing, gas and power distribution installations, transport managers, fleets and logistics, referents, administrators and analysts of transport, fleet and logistics, internal transport organizers, as well as managers in limo services.

On December 8, 2018, they were published amendments to the law of working time drivers and crew in road transport and tachographs, and the application of certain provisions regarding the installation and use of the tachograph was postponed for six months, that is, until 8 th June 2019, and therefore there was an opportunity to organize this seminar where the participants received a great deal of information on these special provisions.

Participants who attended the seminar participated in the discussions in progress, and after each lecture, presented by prof. Dr. Vladimir Momčilović (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Traffic Engineering). Also, a large number of participants’ questions were answered, and therefore, doubts were solved on this topic of all present at the seminar.

We would like to thank the participants for the cooperation so far and we hope that it will be continued at a new seminar, conference or congress in our organization.


Executive organizer