Fourth Regional Conference

The 4th regional Conference Towards Sustainable Transport 2015 was held at the Hotel Mona in Zlatibor, Serbia on 22nd and 23rd October 2015, organized by Transport and Logistics Managers Association Transportlog. As the host of this significant event, Association Transportlog, had a huge obligation and even greater responsibility to welcome and host a large number of participants in the field of transport and logistics.

This traditional conference gathered more than 200 participants: managers of transport and logistics companies, transport managers, vehicle fleet managers, logistics managers, users of third part logistics and transport services, procurement managers, supply chain managers, distributor representatives of vehicles, fules, spare parts, tires and lubricants, heads of maintenance services for passanger and freight vehicles, public institutions and local governments and educational institutions.

Introductory speech was given by the Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, prof. Dr. Nebojša Bojović and the President of the TransportLog Association doc. Dr Aleksandar Manojlović, who welcomed the Conference and emphasized the fact that the Association recognized the importance of issues that arise in the field of transport, as well as the importance of establishing a dialogue between science and practice.

The program of the Conference consisted of several thematic units, within which eighteen works were exhibited and analyzed. In the framework of thematic units on the first day, works related to usage of tachograph data for traffic accidents’ expertise, effects of remote data download from the digital tachograph, risk rating system for transport operators and professional drivers, transport policy instruments influencing road transport of goods, routing software application for transport tasks’ optimization in regional and local distribution, modern measurement systems for petroleum and petroleum products and implementation of specialized GPS systems for oil companies, analysis of the total cost of owning a car and vehicles powered by alternative fuels, information system for vehicle inspection – implementation experiences from Italy, Trends of vehicle inspection system development in the EU and worldwide, analysis of information systems for vehicle inspection in the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, managing vehicle fleet technical condition and sustainable transport. On the second day were presented works: outsourcing of transport services – a quality assessment, information systems in transport and logistics – development trends and implementation experiences, trends of development and experience in the application of information systems in transport and logistics, compensation for damage to goods in transit on the basis of automobile insurance, tailor made motor vehicles insurance, employees rewarding model in transport and vehicle fleets and criteria and models for the procurement of products and services in transport.

After each presentation the topic was followed by a discussion involving all present. A number of different experiences, suggestions and ideas have been published. The topics covered are important for the training of experts in the field of road transport, and in this way, awareness of current problems and potential solutions has been enhanced.

The organizers are grateful to all those who supported the Conference: partners, lecturers, and all participants of the Conference from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Hungary, without which this Conference would not be on such an enviable level. We appreciate the trust shown and we are glad that you were part of this significant event in our profession.


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